Saturday, 20 August 2011

On Yer Bike ...

Up at 5.30am to jump on a tube to Heathrow to start our Austrian Bike Trip. Matthew, who had stayed over, Andrew, Charlie, Penny and I met up with Alex and Jason at the airport, and we a little chuffed when we were put into the v short 'family queue' rather than the very long 'everyone else' queue.

Penny was v good on the flight, as always a relief. As we were in Munich for a couple of hours, we went to the same beer garden as we had visited 2 years previously on the railtrip to have some re-energising lunch before powering on to Salzburg. Started my love affair with käsespätzle.

Then onto a train from Munich Haptbahnhof for a couple hours to get to Austria. Eventually made it past all the unattractive roadworks by Salzburg station to get to the Holiday Inn, where we met Matthew G.

Then, exhausted, went out for dinner with an equally exhausted and grizzly Penny, before going back to the hotel.

Quickly met up with Jane and Greg, who had happily managed to find each other and had enjoyed a fun day in Salzburg together, including the Marionette Theatre.

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