Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Day 2: Unterach am Attersee - Traunsee - Gmunden - Altmunster (39km)

Tired, but not to achy on waking, we returned to our intended hotel to pick up our bikes and carry on our way.

Although a short day of km, this proved to be one of the harder days for uphill.  Plus a lot of it was on the road, which added an extra element of nervousness.  We decided to make a push to try and reach the 12:30 ferry across to Gmunden, which we successfully did as we kept rest stops short and focussed.

We saw Greg and Matthew S cycle off into the distance, as they had decided to cycle the kms rather than cheat by taking the boat, but the rest of us were happily on board.  Enjoying lunch and the scenery, it was great yo know that we were going to be doing only a little more cycling once we got off, and that we would be very early at our hotel for an afternoon and evening of relaxing, after the mild chaos of the previous evening.

So, a quick cycle from Gmunden to the hotel and we were all downstairs again at 3pm to go and explore the lake.  We found MatthewS and Greg, and all had a well-deserved relax by the shore.  Andrew, Jane and Matthew G hired 2 colourful boats, and so I jumped into Andrew's to enjoy an hour of floating round the beautiful lake.  Excellent for relaxation!

Had some beers and ice-cream before going back to the hotel for dinner on the terrace.  A very good end to a very good day!

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