Saturday, 13 August 2011

Secret Garden and Sci Fi Library

Up early as the guys were in again to make progress on the kitchen. They spent most of the morning getting a ridiculously large piece of kitchen worktop through the nursery window, thank goodness they were successful!

So, as the work continued, we went out into London. First to the Centre Page pub near St Pauls for fish & chips, and for the little one to earn her nickname 'Penny Poopy Pants' .. sigh! Then we went to Postmans Park, a little north of the cathedral and Paternoster Square.

The park was serene, small and pristine, like so many others in London. It had a tiled wall from 1900 which featured tiled tributes to those who had died through self sacrifice (which Charlie had seen in the film 'Closer' last night). Then quickly up to the British Library to lightly browse their Sci Fi literature exhibition.

Once home, I took the opportunity to catch up on a bit of sleep, and we watched the fabulous documentaries on BBC IPlayer at the moment ... both episodes of 'Great Thinkers' and another Paul Merton show about the origins of cinema.

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