Thursday, 25 August 2011

Day 4: Linz - Enns - Wallsee - Grein (58km)

Cycled through Linz to get to the Danube cycle path. Was strangely flat after the ups and downs of the first 3 days, but we knew we had many more kms to travel than on the previous hillier days.

Again we splintered into two groups, one group of us going straight to the historic town of Enns (the oldest in Austria), while the others took an extended ride to the monastery. So, after a relaxing lunch (me, Penny, Charlie, Alex and Andrew) the others arrived, but we kept on going to Wallsee, joined by Jason who took a short lunch.

This was the hardest stretch with Penny of the whole trip. She simply wouldn't settle. Although we tried Calpol for her teeth, it was pretty clear that it was just the heat. If we stopped and took her out for an airing or to feed her, she was happy straight away. But to make any progress towards Wallsee she had to be in the trailer. So as we climbed up the steep hill into Wallsee in our highest gear with Penny yowling away, we were very pleased to see the others at the top and to stop for some air and an iced tea.

Had a quick stop by an unexpected set of dodgems on our way out of town, and met up with the whole group on our way towards Grein.

Our guesthouse had a vast and comfy balcony, so we hung out for a little while before going out for a big meal in the restaurant over the road. Was a funny night, as the group was used to the exhaustions of cycling and quite bonded by this point. And the food was delicious!

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