Monday, 8 August 2011

Some Work, and the Violence Spreads

Decided not to go into Brixton in the morning, as I figured I couldn't be very useful and would therefore only get in the way.

Bustled around the house all morning getting things done in preparation for my away day afternoon with work, leaving Penny with Granny and Grandad. Having quickly run through the details of milk, teats, nappies etc, I dashed off on the bus to Waterloo.

Was great to feel involved again, and the knowledge and skills are clearly still embedded in my brain, and of course lovely to see all my colleagues.

A little unnerving to see crowds in Hackney on the tv screen, with word flashing up about Lewisham too as we heard police vans careering southwards. I was a little late home as all buses were full, but everything had gone very well with the afternoon's babysitting and Brixton seemed eerily calm. We joined my folks, Andrew and Alex for dinner and headed home early to avoid any trouble and were glued to the tv and web as pockets of craziness popped up all around our poor beautiful city.

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