Sunday, 21 August 2011


Met everybody at 11am on the Staatsbrucke to explore the city.  A quick diversion to one of the squares where Andrew and Charlie (with some help from Matthew S) played giant chess., then a slow walk uphill to the fortress.  Very hot at the top, P and I both relieved by the coolness inside when we took the tour.

Went back down the hill on the funicular railway, and split up as some of us stayed in the city to chill out in a cafe, while others went to see some fountains a bit further out.

Bustled back to the Holiday Inn and on to the Zur Post hotel, a little disappointed that our bikes needed to be collected, rather than being dropped off as we expected.  Especially as we were eager to figure out the Penny/trailer situation, we had to hatch a complex plan for the morning.

But as for the evening, we all went to a traditional beer garden for dinner and drinks in anticipation of starting cycling on the morrow.

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