Friday, 5 August 2011

Super 8 and Hyde Park

Saw Jon before he left for his interview, then straight to the Ritzy to join Sonia, Massimo, Kay, Richard and Jo to watching 'Super 8' at the Big Scream. Was a good film, drawing you in with its cultural references and intriguing you re the main plotline. But it was a big homage to ET, the Goonies and similar 80's films really ... not unique, but still good.

Then after lunch met with Mum and Dad to go for a bike around Hyde Park while Mum looked after Penny. At least, that was the plan. We struggled a bit with the Boris Bike machinery and so only managed to get Dad's bike to work. SO he happily went off for a cycle, and I chatted with Mum.

Fortunately the bus was not too packed on the way back to Brixton. Then Charlie and I went to the Duke of Edinburgh beer garden with Penny to go through our financial situation over a plate of ribs and a beer. Things looking ok, but we are aware that we have been a little frivolous over the summer, and as my maternity pay is about to diminish, belts need to be cinched in a little.

Finally got a grizzly Penny to bed then we relaxed .... ahhhh!

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