Saturday, 6 March 2010

Burlesque, Booze and a Bop!

Jess and Miranda

A fabulous day with Miranda and the girls. Started off at Vinopolis where we had only a short amount of time to get through our many vouchers ... which Jess and I dutifully managed with gin cocktails, champagne, wine and madeira. Joy! Then went back to west London for a lesson in Burlesque dancing.

I now know how to professionally wiggle my bottom! And how to use a feather boa properly.

And as the mild hangover started to ooze over me, we had a brief break in proceedings for us to disperse and get ready for the evening's shananigans.

Jess and I headed back to Brixton to soothe our brains with tea and mindless Saturday evening tv, including a ridiculous and funny water based assault course programme on BBC 1. Valuable use of License Fee? Jury's still out.

Then we got our bright red lipstick and flashiest clothes on for the burlesque evening out. Starting off at a Mexican restaurant in Battersea, where the sombreros set off our corsets perfectly, we then moved on to the Fez Club in Putney.

For the first time in my life I thought, with no hint of sarcasm, is this really what kids are listening to? There were a few good songs, and the club was busy but quite pleasant. Since I last went clubbing they have banned smoking indoors and they also seem to have put the lights on in this particular venue. And we headed home on the 1:30am nightbus to Brixton, where we randomly ran into Tim and Kat, Laura's friends who are now married.

An exhausting but fun day!

Oh yes, and it started off with me being beaten at Scrabble again by Charlie. I am not playing badly, I am getting seven's and being smart, but he is just having more practise at the moment. This means war!

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