Sunday, 7 March 2010

No Quiz, All Zen

Just returned from The Rest is Noise where Norris, Andrew, Alex, Alison (and Alison's housemate Lorenzo) and I all met for a few drinks and no quiz, as it was cancelled.

A very relaxing day, that consisted of lying in, making brunch, playing Scrabble (still no success, just don't ask), having a long bath, tidying a bit and then pub. Not half bad.

Everybody seems busy and well ... including myself.

Wrestled with our VCR to see if I could record Stardust, a film version of one of Neil Gaiman's books. After some painful button pushing it actually seems to have worked. And as I am on 'reading week' for my marketing course tomorrow evening, I might even watch it tomorrow!

It is also Les Mis week this week, Natalie kindly got myself, Norris and Kirsten tickets for our respective 30th birthdays, and Becky is joing us too. What a great bunch of girls, though really too generous from Natalie. As it will be my first viewing I am actually really excited, especially to hear it directly rather than Andrew's 'I am Jean Val Jean' impressions.

Added some photos of the hen weekend below ...

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