Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Horses and Cat

Another busy day, catching up with project planning and booking more Fairtrade Fortnight revellery.

Learnt about productivity effectiveness in my course this evening. Was reminded that we are already a third of the way through the term. Need to get my skates on, having a meeting with a colleague of mine on Monday so we can discuss the potential avenues for my assignments.

Poppy was very meowy when I got back from my class. She has settled down now, but it is not that she wants strokes or to be picked up. All she seems to want is to sit quietly near myself and/or Charlie ... it makes me want to take her to work! Imagine, small kitty with Fairtrade cotton collar on wandering round the office like she owns the place ...

... oops, spoke too soon ... now she is charging round the flat!

Oh, now she has come to me for a stroke. The joys of cat ownership, never a dull moment.

Oh ... and I played Fish in a Scrabble rematch yesterday after the trouncing mentioned below ... and got trounced again. Sigh!

Saw two police horses in City, what happens if they gallop off after miscreants? Doesn't seem very practical. Beautiful, but not efficient.

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