Sunday, 28 March 2010

Queen of Games ...

... the new title for the games competition, after Erika Toth won the prestigious trophy yesterday. It was even smoother than ever, with around 20 of us complying with the detailed schedule and points system. Great to see everybody after coming back from holiday.
Lots on, especially with Dartmoor next weekend.
Spent today relaxing, though started off by running 5km with Alex. Could not be persuaded to bump it up to 6km, gently gently. Then wandered round Brixton, later rearranging the lounge for Spring, so we get more light through the window.
Lovely to see Kirsten, Norris and Makeila, who all dropped in to drop things off, exchange keys etc.
Bed soon, will see what occurred last week in the world of work soon.

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