Monday, 15 March 2010


Plans all sorted for Poppy when we go on holiday, she is going to stay at Aunty Kirsten's.

Am submerged in that pre-holiday flurry time where you are trying to get as much done as possible in and out of work so that there is not a last minute rush. Ok, so the last minute rush is unavoidable, but one tries one's best.

Booked transport and accommodation for Miranda's wedding. Pleased that is sorted, good to tick another thing off the list. Looking forward to a weekend down in the South West, especially as we are also popping to see Chris and Gay, Charlie's aunt and uncle, in Dorset.

Trying to figure out which improving books I should take to Sri Lanka. Last time, when I read Laura's nutrition book, I came back and jogged all summer whilst simultaneously eating well. How can I replicate this again this year ...?!?!

Already dreaming of fresh coconuts on the beach with Fish.

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