Saturday, 20 March 2010

Colombo ... no, not the man with the raincoat

Arrived pretty tired at Laura's new Colombo mansion last night. Seems you can get the most incredible palaces at very affordable rates here.

Flights over were very good. Good food and great films all interspersed with naps. I couldn't resist watching the second Twilight film, even more angsty than the first! Made me feel 13 again.

Went out for Italian food (of course?!) and beers last night, was so good just to chat as if we were in the pub back home. Good to meet Gary too, who is very nice and full of interesting info about Sri Lanka.

So, today we will see the highlights of Colombo, and hopefully watch sunset with cocktails at the Galle Face Hotel.

Then off to Kandy tomorrow for some more hardcore sightseeing ...

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