Tuesday, 30 March 2010

It Rains Indoors Now Too!

Awoke this morning at 4am to find a steady drip, drip, drip coming from our hallway ceiling. Not good. Bleary eyed and feeling like sharing the misery of being up at such an ungodly time, instruct Charlie to call Patrick, our upstairs neighbour, in case something has been left on or broken.

He very kindly and pleasantly helps us with a top level scope, to no avail. Empty rubbish bin is placed under our drip to await the morning, try hard to fall back to sleep with the incessant drip, drip, drippety drip cutting through the quiet.

Charlie kindly stayed at home to be in for the plumber, apparently something to do with a radiator in Patrick's flat. Never mind, no major damage done.

Still feeling the Zen at work, am dealing with even everybody else's stress with good vibes and a solution oriented attitude. Moved onto my Spring/Summer lunch diet of ryvita/oatcakes/rice cakes with Light Philadelphia, and have added an extra yummy componant of a yoghurt to satisfy my sweet tooth. Along with the piles of fruit I need to keep consuming and renewing, I am definitely in a healthy place. Pardoned myself a morning run today, given the night's disruptions, but will try again tomorrow. Though with rain and much coldness forecast, we will see.

Another evening in tonight, lasagne is in the oven and Fish will be home shortly (he went into work after all later in the afternoon). It is a joy to have some good time at home, though will be very busy from now until well into next week.

Will hopefully be catching up with Andy Hall on Monday, an old school friend of mine who lives in Thailand. Not sure what time we will be back from Dartmoor, but I am sure we can sort something out. If he can take on the Thai government, I am sure he can manage the miniscule challenge of figuring out how to meet up with Emmy.

Also, a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY shout to my big brother Matty :)

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