Sunday, 21 March 2010

Kandy is Dandy, but Liquor is Quicker

An exhausting day.

Neither Fish nor I could sleep last night. Jetlag catching up with us, not enough beers perhaps. But we woke dutifully for our 7am train at 5:30am, showered like zombies, and fortunately our taxi was waiting outside.

Arrived at the train station with enough time to grab some quick breakfast, and finally found the right seat in the right carriage. I have to admit I slept a little on the way, and so was a little zoned when we arrived.

This was part of the problem. We were both completely zoned as we walked around in the blazing heat with people trying to get us taxis, tri-shaw rides, food, hotels, etc. So we went to the Temple of the Tooth, which was interesting and pleasant, though we felt a bit like we were intruding on the faithful.

We finally found a peaceful place to have lunch, and made a decision not to bother battling with Kandy any longer, and we went to Pinnewala to see the elephants. Much more relaxed, though still hot, this seemed to do the trick. Made our way back to Colombo standing up most of the way but in an air conditioned bus. Fish beat me at Scrabble, but only by a few points.

Met up with Laura and Gary in the Cricket Club for a few drinks and dinner, then tiredness finally hit and we headed back to the house. A couple of email annoyances awaited us there, but we must wipe them from our minds.

Going to the beach at Unawatuna tomorrow, so likely no more news till Thurs or Fri. Mucho relaxation ahoy ...

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