Wednesday, 1 September 2010

3 years of marriage, and still so much love!

Overwhelmed by so many sweet cards and texts we received today for our third wedding anniversary, really very kind of people to remember. And mildly ironic, as we did not get cards or presents (or texts) for each other :)

I think Charlie feels it is a very British custom, celebrating other people's wedding anniversaries. I think people are very kind to think of us, oh and perhaps it is an easy date to remember, being on the first of the month.

Kirsten now seems to have moved to Brixton, almost a shame we are so busy in the next week or so as would be good to invite her round for dinner/tea (Kirsten - consider this an invite for w/c 13th or 20th!). She kindly dropped rouond some expansion pieces for Hive, a game we really love. So now, as well as bees, ants, spiders, grasshoppers and beetles we also now have mosquitos!!

Went to see Four Play at the Hen & Chickens theatre in Islington. Four short funny plays, about life, sex, geocaching and surveillance. The second play was exceptional and the others were very good, and we were in the front row of a small theatre, so it was like they were performing just for us!

We out for teppanyaki at Sai Nin afterwards, a very amusing chef and absolutely delicious food. Lots of fire and noisy chopping! I can see us going there again, and of course a gentle echo of our honeymoon in Japan. Would be great fun for a group visit ... maybe my birthday next year??

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