Friday, 24 September 2010

The Longest Day

Up at 3:30am for an all day meeting in Amsterdam. Was a very good day, but pleased to be home now and in my 'jamas.

I don't think of my job involving much travelling. But last year was my epic work travel year, with Vermont, Rwanda and Cote D'Ivoire. And this year seems to be the year of random meetings in European cities, which I manage in 1 day (usually by getting up brain splinteringly early): Bonn, Zurich, Geneva and Amsterdam.

Felt pretty wiped out on the train and tube back to Brixton, but couldn't resist an invitation from Mr Fish to meet him Upstairs in the Ritzy for some lovely folk music, a quick drink, and some incredible sword dancers. Brilliant!

And now a relaxing weekend awaits, as I mildly police Fish's efforts towards his dissertation (just in case he gets too tempted by Catan or Carcasonne). I have even pre-emptively bought some chocolate chip brioche for breakfast ... Jurassic Park!

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