Friday, 10 September 2010

Water water everywhere, and not a drop to drink

Stop for a well needed water break, as we ran out last night. We fortunately get to the taps before they are cut off, as a leak is being fixed.

Some ceremony around the opening of the last lock. We also go over the A5 on an aquaduct built by Thomas Telford.

Arrive in Brewood (pronounced 'Brood') at lunch, as we are meeting one of the old Warwick Uni crew, James, for lunch at the pub. A good homemade lasagne later, we then play a round of the hat game. Lots of fun ensues, including Pam Cookie (netball player), Noam Chomsky and Smokey 'BBQ' Robinson.

Wander round Brewood, popping into the Co-op and looking at Speedwell Castle in the middle of the town. Looking like a very posh house and now apparently flats, it was paid for from the winnings from the horse of the same name.

Back to the boat to do some sorting out, and in my case to have a little sleep. We decide to eat up the remaining food we have on the boat, especially as none of us are hungry enough for a full pub meal. So we dive into toast with melty cheese, with cake, whilst listening to a water holiday themed playlist on Charlie's laptop.

Matthew's parents, Elaine and Tom, then join us on the boat, before we all head out together to The Swan pub. Matthew kindly booked their skittle alley for the evening and, along with Robin, Marion, Annie and Paddy, we have an epic game of skittles with 14 of us.

Dave and Paddy come through as the winners, Dave's form being suspiciously improved when he is on a team with Paddy, rather than my good self.

Get some funny Salvator footage of him playing skittles before we leave for our last night on the boat.

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