Thursday, 9 September 2010

Gnosal Gnights

The bulk of the distance now out of the way, the days of being on the move for 10 hours behind us, the pace could be slowed down.

More duck feeding, and the joyous task of emptying the toilets which Charlie and Alex manage with much stoicism.

Stop off at the Junction Inn pub after a little sleep and some Michael Palin (whose 1980'2 diaries I am reading at the mo), boys very pleased at the Junction Inn ale on tap. It is a sunny spot, and nice to have a bit of a break.

Dave creates a very tasty crumble from apples, and various berries (blackberries, elderberries) which have been foraged from the towpath. An excellent alternative to afternoon cake, to have with our tea.

Moor up for the night in Gnosal, where we are also losing Mink as she has to work on Friday. Play darts in the Royal Oak, but they are not serving food, so we all sneak out to the chippie.

Then a few games of werewolf, with my stealthy communication tactics questioned. Of course it was not cheating!

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