Wednesday, 8 September 2010

SECRET Bunker ... it's a SECRET! Shhh ... it's HERE!

Matthew has now succumbed to Erika's cold, and is suffering. But all are cheered up by the SECRET Nuclear Bunker we visit at Hack Green, we know it is secret from all the direction signs stating this fact.

Quite a good museum, stark illustrations of how destructive nuclear arms have been and a frighteningly vivid BBC documentary 'The War Game', about what would happen if nuclear bombs were dropped on the UK. Apparently banned when first made in case it would incite mass hysteria. I am not surprised, I felt quite sick and hysterical having watched it, though its cutting visuals and brutal aftermath seemed to be a necessarily realistic view of a post-bombing world.

Had a cream tea to recover, before jumping back on the boat.

Ran into Robin, Marion, Annie and Paddy who met us at the end of a series of locks, lovely to see them. Moored up at a peaceful spot in the middle of nowhere, and I made cheesy pasta bake for the crew. Seemed to go down pretty well, and we followed up with a few more rounds of Alex's dastardly quiz, including a brain meltingly frustrating memory quiz. Also inflicted a round on R, M, A and P, who of course managed to score higher than we did!

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