Tuesday, 28 September 2010

'Comedy', by the BBC

Erika and Dan had a spare free ticket to go and see 'Live at the Apollo at Hammersmith along with them and Gilly. Managed to get to the front of the queue pretty quickly as I arrived early which made everything much easier.

Some good comedy with Stephen K Amos, Sean Lock and others, though by the end (having arrived at 5 and leaving at around 11) I was pretty tired and hungry and ready for bed!

Good to see them all too!

Poor Charlie could not join us as he was still finishing his dissertation, which is now on the brink of being finished ... just one more day!!

3,500 people were packed into the Hammersmith Apollo, a good audience for a fun night of comedy. I wonder how much they edit out, as there were a few technical hitches and risque comments by both the comedians and the audience.

Managed to get home pretty speedily, good thing too as it is a school day tomorrow ...

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