Sunday, 5 September 2010

Singing on the Boat

The next day, people generally have not slept well getting used to the boat and the arrangements it brings with it. Erika T realises that having one of the permenant double beds also involves being between the 2 toilets, with all the animation that brings with it.

The early shift begins to establish itself, with Alex, Jason and Matthew (who are all co-incidentallt at the back of the boat). I establish myself as porridge monitor, dressed in 'jamas and warm scarf to keep off the morning chill. It is beautiful in the morning though, with crisp, clean air and sunbeams shining through, which hide under clouds for the remainder of the day.

Dave decides to do a 360 degree loop at Tixall Wide, just because he can :) See various cows, but my favourite is a fluffy horned beast who crosses a bridge just as I am looking outside of the boat. Feel like a hallucination, but apparently not!

Locks are becoming more regular, and Mink and I do some good singing at the front of the boat to amuse ourselves and the lock team.

Overnight in Barlaston, arrive at the Plume of Feathers only to find that they are not doing food anymore. So we all pootle over to Londis to pick up what we can, which for me is a perfectly passable microwave prawn curry, consumed whilst getting into the mood by watching Pirates of the Carribbean.

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