Saturday, 4 September 2010

All Aboard!

All of us, minus Jason who is joining us from Newcastle, gather at Euston. Arrive in plenty of time, but what with people running off for breakfast and newspapers, still end up rushing for the train to Wolverhampton. Jason joins us at Birmingham New Street, we we are now 9:

Emma, Charlie, Andrew, Erika T, Mink, Dave, Alex, Jason and Matthew G.

Grat lunch at the Great Western, a lovely local pub (the first of many) hidden behind Wolverhampton station. A couple of us go to Co-op for some basic groceries, then we get a taxi to Autherley Junction to meet up with the good ship Victoria, who is to be our home for a week.

We have a 30 minute guided tour of how to work the various switches, keys, knobs etc. that make her go, as well as a speedy lesson in locks.

Then we realise that we have to go about 5 hours and it is almost 3:30. All jump aboard, and despite a little altercation with the bank at the first junction, we get going.

Trees, bends, bridges, other boats and fishermen all cause a bit of consternation and some wiggly driving to begin with, but all become quickly managable.

Arrive at our night spot in Penkridge just after dark, not ideal but not dreadful. More gorcery shopping while we have dinner in the Cross Keys. Food not amazing, but not bad. Introduced to most pubs not taking cards ... we're not in Kansas any more, Toto!

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