Thursday, 22 July 2010

Busy on Holiday

Got up pretty early so Charlie could pick up the car. Quite excited as we picked up Becky and Ryan, only to be slightly concerned by the weather, and also getting as far as Biggleswade before realising that Ryan didn't have his ticket. Back to Colindale once more.

Finally arrived at the Secret Garden Party, and we were frustrated by the four and a quarter hour long queue to get in. On foot, partly sunny and partly rainy, it turned out that with more ticket holders and more stringent security, they might need to offset this with more staff ... which they didn't. I would love to see their risk assessment!

Eventually got in, put the tents up in the drizzle, and had a quick wander round to orient ourselves, however went for an early night to recover. A sternly worded letter shall shortly be in the post.

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