Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Swiss Alptitude

Up at 3:30 am this morning to get to Gatwick to catch my flight to Zurich to meet and present to our Swiss sister organisation. Mucho owchy. Overall a pretty good day, though starting to get the hang of people saying that certain attributes are 'very Swiss'. Oh yeah, and learned that the Swiss do 3 kisses (might pencil that in to my Schotts Miscellany by my bed for good measure).

Got home at 10:30pm ... have collapsed in bed, and fortunately arranged to come into work a bit late tomorrow.

Was glorious to run into Keith on the Tube, who had clearly spent a random day having a tipple or two in London. He does give very good hugs!

Also, 200 blog posts has now whooshed by without me noticing. Wow, what a lot of blog!

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