Sunday, 4 July 2010

A Peaceful Conclusion

The ladies woke up pretty early, considering the 3am bedtime. Everybody picked up all their bits and pieces, and half the ladies headed off home. Those who remained left our bags in the house while we walked into town again. Tempting as it was to go punting again, we went into Kings College Chapel which was so impressive. Such a distinctive shape, tall and thin with the most incredible stained glass windows.

We were slightly sacriligeous and mocked up Erika's wedding (as she had her veil on) with Judy pretending to be Robin, and Sam pretending to be Dan at the front.

A quick lunch at The Eagle, where Watson and Crick announced the discovery of DNA, then a speedy walk back to get our train (which worked perfectly well on the way back).

A lovely group of girls, everybody was really chatty and friendly with each other, and got on really well. Erika seemed very pleased, so Gilly and I had various high fives and hugs to celebrate.

When I pulled into Brixton on the tube, I really felt physically and mentally exhausted. Happy and proud and so pleased for Erika, but definitely pooped! Zoned out at home in front of films, as Charlie was out at the pub with Ryan. They eventually came back and I think I was not particularly coherent. Was very pleased to snuggle up in my bed ... snoooore ...

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