Saturday, 3 July 2010

Cambridge Rocks

Up at 8am to start sorting out the smoked salmon bagels for breakfast. People rise slowely from their beds, a little sensitive from the previous night, but not too bad. Everybody acutely aware that we need to stay hydrated given the gorgeous sunchine and blistering heat, which we are so pleased has come along for the weekend. Gilly feeling much better, thank goodness!

Walked into Cambridge, now 15 of us as we are joined by the final 2 hens. Arrive at 'The Cow' for our Burlesque lesson. Kiki Kaboom does a great job teaching us the wiggle, the grind and a particular hand gesture that cannot be named :) Erika has to do a burlesque forfeit over lunch every time she gets an answer wrong in the Dan Quiz ... as she gets 9/20, she does a lot of dancing!!

Walk leisurely through Cambridge to get to the river for punting, in awe at how beautiful the city is in the sunshine, especially Kings College Chapel. Find out that it is even more beautiful from the back as we jump onboard two massive punts with our chauffeurs. Steve, our 'driver' is fun, and teaches us some history which he tells us is not made up. We crack open the bubbly, strawberries and cream and indulge in the sunshine, the spectacular views and the fun commentary on the other river goers .... from foxy (and fit!) girl punters, to the bat under the bridge to the topless and tanned boy punters (come on, it was a hen weekend!). Steve even let Erika have a go ...

Feeling quite zonked after the bliss of the river, we take a ghist tour around Cambridge, we go for a ghost tour around Cambridge and find some lovely places like The Eagle pub and the proud front of Trinity college. Wander back to the house, where we try to revive with a quick cup of tea. We also present Erika with her Snow White costume for the evening, and the news that she will not be alone in dressing up. Two bemused taxi drivers arrive at 7:30 faced with a plethora of Disney characters, including a Tigger (my mother-in-law is just incredible!)

Have a fun and silly dinner, entertaining small children in the restaurant with our costumes, playing with helium and red lipstick. Find our way, after much hollering in the streets, to a Wetherspoons where dancing and drinking continued. Sam, Pauline and I headed back at 12:30, the first wave, where we had a lovely couple of cups of tea before the others arrived home. At least two ladies quite sozzled!

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