Friday, 9 July 2010

Run Down

Rushed through my work this morning to joing together with my colleagues at our summer party in Regent's Park. Started to feel pretty light headed and not quite the ticket when I got there, seems that I might have a UTI ... oh no! Took it easy for the afternoon, but really struggled to get home on the sweaty, uncaring, full Tube. Was pretty broken when I got home, falling asleep on Charlie, spilling my glass of water over myself in the process. He very kindly went out to get me cranberry juice.

We agree, that this is just another indication of my run down state ... all week I have had a sore throat and dodgy sinuses. Will take it easy this weekend ... though will of course need to see if Paul the Octopus is right on Sunday.

Jon and Ana staying tonight, will be good to see them. In bed and in 'jamas, but will definitely at least say hi!

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