Friday, 16 July 2010


Was relieved to get through my to-do list today, as well as some interesting discussions about the future. Repotted some plants on my way out of the office.

Rushed to Bank to have my first excursion on the Waterloo and City Line, a bit strange, like a shuttle bus underground. Met with Charlie, Mink, Dave, Ryan and Erika T for Inception at the IMAX, and Matthew also turned up having bought a ticket last minute. What a film, so many questions ... as soon as it finished, you wanted to watch it again, although it made you feel exhausted just watching it.

Went to Pizza Express (minus Matty and Erika) for wine and discussion and lots of 'owwwch, my brain!' kind of discussions. Also joined by Kiwi Laura, and we pootled on to the Concrete Bar at the Hayward for more drinks. All in all, a lovely night!

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