Sunday, 11 July 2010

Second Hand News

Alex came round this morning to go through our pile of books, CDs and DVDs that we will shortly be giving away ... Andrew and Norris also looked through them. We would sell them, but the time and effort it would take to get them to a Car Boot Sale or through ebay is just not worth it.

Carried our CD towers round to Alex's, as he thinks he might have a use for them. And if not, just down the road is the new BHF second hand furniture shop. Which I approve of massively. Lots of very good quality second hand (and some new) furniture at excellent prices. We got our tough old blue sofa from a similar shop in Birmingham, and we love it still.

A bit more sorting, and harassing Charlie to get some writing done, then round to Andrew's to watch the World Cup Final. The Dutch seem a little rough, so most of us are rooting for Spain. Oh, and the English referee. We shall see ...

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