Friday, 23 July 2010

Posh Frocks and Warm Socks

Awoke feeling much better after lots of sleep (on our airbed, hooray) though apparently I had slept through noisy neighbours ... that goodness for being a good sleeper. Dressed in my bright greeny blue ball dress to get into the spirit of it all. Grabbed a cup of chai and a crumpet before wandering round the festival to view all the food, show tents etc. Similar to last year, with a few location changes and additions.

Watched Mink and Dave's synesthesia show in the science tent, was good if a little confusing. Very good brain model! Combined with delicious thali curry.

Sat being lazy in Small World tent seeing a few good bands and individuals, especially Philip Henry who we saw more than once over the weekend. Also saw James and Theresa, friends of Becky's, who were very nice.

Had another pretty early night, still hoping to get refreshed as I was still a bit grumpy getting out of my usual work habits.

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