Friday, 2 July 2010

#I am woman, hear me roar!#

Once we arrived in Cambridge, the hen weekend was off to a fabulous start. But that was a close call, as Gilly texted me on Fri afternoon to let me know that train lines were down from Kings Cross and trains were not working. I was pretty chilled out, knowing that at this late stage we would just have to do what we could, but on checking discovered that there were still two trains per hour.

So we all met up, sweaty ladies with big suitcases, at Kings Cross, and piled onto whatever carriages had room. The house we were renting was just around the corner. And it was just lovely, flowers everywhere and a big kitchen for tea and chats.

After dropping off our bags, we immediately headed off to Browns restaitrant for our first feast. The Mums were on exceptionally good form (Theresa and Judy), and although Gilly had to go home as she was not feeling too great, we had a less 'low-key' night than I was intending, knowing how much energy we all needed for tomorrow. It was so much fun to get everything started though, letting Erika know the topline detail about our plans.

Were joined later by Jodie, Jocelyn and Anna (a Sundt cousin), and with a couple of glasses down me was not hard to drop off to sleep.

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