Monday, 17 January 2011


A day off, in anticipation of a week off!

Eventually went into town for a wander round Mamas and Papas to spend my £5 voucher on a couple of cute baby toys (joy!) before being fitted for the world's most comfortable maternity bra in Bravissimo, which I bought with the voucher Erika kindly gave me last summer.

Then to Notting Hill to spend the Retro vouchers I have had in my wallet since last summer. Immediately as I walked in one of the shops I saw the most beautiful necklace, it just sang to me as I walked by. Also found the fluffiest most cosy lambswool jumper in the world in Oxfam.

Also got Fish a little present, a T-Shirt that pulled me into the shop, somewhat like this one.

An evening spent sorting and preparing for the week to come! Oh yes, and watching the 'Britney' episode of Glee ... *blush*.

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