Monday, 24 January 2011

Insomnia, baby!

After going to sleep at around 12:30/1am was perplexed and slightly irritated to find myself awake at 4 and unable to get back to the dreamless. And, when I woke up, baby also woke up to give me a kick, as if to say "go on, go back to sleep, go on!"

So, when the clock ticked around to 7:15am, decided to go into work early. Good to be back, though many of the same bits and pieces to pick up that I left behind me, felt like I had been away longer than a week and all reasonably chilled.

Intended to leave early and go swimming, but a few things cropped up. So decided I was too tired for my 3rd day of swimming in a row and went home, spending most of the evening with Norris who popped round after her swim.

Also, have added photos to my Paris entries:
A Paris!
I need to go to the Louvre ...
Orsay and Beyond
Sacre Coeur!

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  1. Ahh, insomnia, I know it well, I do manage not to get irritate by it nowadays!