Sunday, 9 January 2011

Sunday Rest

Didn't sleep too well last night, was awake for 2 hours from around 3:30, then decided to get up, have a drink and some chocolate chip brioche while scribbling down some notes on the sequel to my somewhat stalled first book. So felt pretty wiped out when I get up to meet Alex for a swim at 11 (or more like 11:10), but was pleased to get another 24 lengths under my belt.

We then did some more exploring of Brixton Village, going to a very pleasant pancake place for gallettes ... yummy!

Then ran into Kirsten in Gamesmaster, and we went back to mine for tea, brownies and a general catch up, as I hadn't seen her since Danish Christmas. Then Norris arrived, ostensibly to write a job application, but she was happy to chill out for a while, especially as we all had a yummy waffle from the waffle iron that Theresa kindly dug out for me a short while ago.

So, K headed off, Alex and Andrew then arrived for some more Rabid Rabbids, K came back and then Charlie came back from his course ... so all in all, a pretty sociable day! Only, not much tidying done *blush* ... never mind! Laura, Gary and Matty all staying tomorrow, but the house is presentable enough.

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