Sunday, 16 January 2011

Sawing through

Met with Alex for a swim at 11am, 20 lengths of kicking legs and a float. Nothing makes you feel more like a child than swimming with a float. It is mostly because my hips were getting sore and I have read that this can be to do with swimming breaststroke during pregnancy. Sigh! And really starting to burst out of my swimsuit now, hope my maternity swimsuit gets delivered soon!

To the Hive for brunch, given TRIN was not open yet. Then spent the afternoon making more progress on the nursery ... sawing up our Ikea pigeonholes as Charlie winced. But it worked, so we now have a changing table! And the room is mostly sorted, just need to get rid of the old furniture to the charity furniture shop and ditch all the old wood. Not quite sure why I love sawing up Ikea furniture so much, but I seem to do it quite a lot!

Next project, spare room!

A and A came round in the evening for dinner and to try out the new Rabbids game on the Wii.

Charlie ALMOST finished the boat trip video in time, but not quite, what antici ......... pation!

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