Friday, 21 January 2011

Sacre Coeur!

Up a little earlier to ensure we could have a restful morning before check out at 12. On leaving our bag at reception, we headed to the Metro (via our favourite local bakery, of course) to head for Abbesses, Montmartre and Sacre Coeur.

Such a beautiful building, rising pure and supreme above Paris as if on a higher plane. And, once up the many steps, we gazed back over Paris and the misty sillhouette of the Eiffel Tower and then went in to see inside.

Again, I was really pleased to see how well a church manages respectful tourists who are allowed to quietly and peacefully enjoy the church, while worshippers can pray in peace in the main body of the church. We wandered round outside for a while, and wandered into a handy creperie for a nibble, and then back to the hotel and on to Gare du Nord to head home.

Another easy journey back to Blighty, though a slightly stalled Tube train and a slight contretemps greeted us when we got back to London and Brixton respectively. But good to be home after such a lovely holiday.

Indulged in Steak Frites with lots of blue cheese sauce to mark the end of the holiday, and now ... oh look, my bath is ready!

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