Saturday, 29 January 2011

Shepherds Pie and Babygrows

Up at 10ish to sort the potato for the Shepherds Pie base I made on Thurs. Then jumped on the train to Redhill to meet Robin, and to take possession of lots of eeney weeny baby clothes and other wonderful things from Elle and Eva.

So helpful, just so many babygrows and bits and pieces. Tried to sort them into sizes to ensure we can store them as efficiently as possible. Also a lovely crib, baby gym and little seat too, just so useful!

Made it back to Brixton where Mum and Dad had already welcomed Aunt Jane in for dinner, as we were running a bit behind due to traffic. Shepherds Pie worked very well, as did the ultra-luxury (cream and proper vanilla) rice pudding. Good to catch up with them all, now somewhat sleepy after a fun and food filled day!

An alarm keeps going off outside ... I hope it stops soon!

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