Sunday, 2 January 2011

Salvator, the Very Adventurous Bear

Having a lazy day today, catching up on quality IPlayer tv and getting lots of electronic jobs done ... and relaxing lots at the same time.

Also, thought it was about time to let you know where Salvator is. As you may know, we have two bears, Cornthwaite and Salvator, who are destined for our children one day. Cornthwaite is a very peaceful bear, who likes to take it easy and currently has taken to wearing a dress.

Salvator, however, is a Very Adventurous Bear and has recently gone missing. Having found himself gainful employment, he was bearnapped and taken to a variety of destinations, some shown below. We are not too worried, as he is a resourceful chap ... mostly wondering where he will go next ...

Salvator in his work outfit

Bearnapped and in Vegas (for the second time!)

In Mexico

At the Amber Palace, Jaipur, India

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