Saturday, 15 January 2011

Rings and Kings

A lazy morning in bed with Pish. We then met up with Andrew, Alex and Sarah at The Rest is Noise for brunch, a very good veggie breakfast. Well, not really brunch if you eat at 1:30 I suppose ... maybe lunch! A laid back start to a relaxing day.

Then a quick wander round Brixton before heading home.

Then Charlie, Kirsten and I all went to see The Kings Speech. An excellent film, uplifting and sympathetic, just right to win a best picture Oscar in a royal wedding year.

Then to Alex's where the others played Lord of the Rings Risk while I drank Appletiser and read my new 'Help' book by Oliver Burkeman, who writes the fab 'This Column Will Change Your Life' in the Guardian. Kirsten won the LOTR Risk, and I had a little sleep ... rockin' Saturday night!

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