Wednesday, 5 January 2011

A Smattering of Things

Still feeling holier than thou after swimming 40 lengths yesterday evening. Also walked the longer route to and from work (walk to Stockwell, walk from London Bridge) today, which for some reason I try to find every reason to avoid (surely it is raining, snowing, I have a cold, the bridge has mysteriously disappeared). Not sure why, though as I am carrying so much extra weight, maybe it is just the sheer effort ... or maybe being pregnant simply doesn't make you any less lazy than usual (*blush*).

Also went to the docs yesterday for a routine check up, and all is well with little Thumper. Had my blood pressure taken (possibly for the first time) with the old school handpump and mercury equipment ... a little surreal, but made it a bit more interesting. Bump was measured and found to be 25cm, all good as I am now 26 weeks, and we also listened to her heartbeat which was pounding away happily as per usual.

Back in the office today, having worked from home yesterday. All very much the same, and still hard to get things done as people are still off. Before Christmas I was drinking ginger, lemon and honey tea to soothe my throat, and after a couple of weeks of neglect, a colleague of mine noted that the remaining ginger chunk had sprouted. We agreed that I should plant it, and it seemed to be pretty well rooted before the Xmas break. Now it is at least 10cm of luscious green ginger plant, hooray! Also, it remind me of the plant in Wall-E - all verdant and full of hope for the future.

On the way home today was giggling lots, as listened to the Radio 4 Friday Night News Quiz which never fails to make me laugh. Also, both to and from work, indulged in the fabulous Mumford and Sons. My favourite song has shifted a few times now, showing how great the album is if my appreciation can evolve so readily. Initially brought to my attention by The Cave, I then moved on to Sigh No More, the title track of their album. But now I am infatuated with the fourth track of the album, Roll Away Your Stone ... even though most of the track is just ok, the bit near the end when the tempo slows right down and the beat changes is just magically wonderful and makes me want to shut my eyes and fling out my arms!

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