Saturday, 9 April 2011

Family Life

Another good night, and we explained the nature of a lazy Saturday morning in bed to Penny when she woke up and she seemed to get the idea.

Another beautiful sunny day, and we were visited by Caroline and Anna. V good to see them, and to be able to pass on big hugs for Nathan's 30th b'day celebrations this weekend.

Then off to the Hive to meet with Alex, Andrew and Sarah for 'brunch'. Just incredible that we are back in our usual weekend routine already and Penny is only 5 days old ... can't wait to be a bit more healed up so I can also go for a swim!

Then walked around sunny Brixton to get some shopping done. Charlie has been carrying Penny as my left hip is a little sore, Midwife seems to think some sciatica from the birth, hope it clears up soon (may be looking for an appropriate massage therapist if it doesn't clear up soon).

Theresa and Demitris popped round on their way to an event in mid-London, good to see them. Penny seems to operate on some kind of magnetism basis, especially for her grandparents and also really anybody she meets. We have had a few emails that seem to start something along the lines of "Holding your daughter seems to be addictive, I don't suppose you would mind if I popped round ...". So sweet to see that everybody else falls in love with her, just as we have done.

Had a beautifully domestic evening in, watching various bits of Mamma Mia, Legally Blonde and then Knocked Up (quite vivid to me, given recent events) on the tv whilst I wrote thank you cards and Charlie played Go ... a vision of chilled out family life, we already seem to be in such a wonderful groove.

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