Monday, 11 April 2011

Quiz Night

Had a great visit from Elle and Matt at lunchtime today, they seemed both fully enamoured of Penny and also clearly a bit broody on their own! Then a lazy afternoon.

Need to get my hip checked out though as, once I had been to the post office, photo shop, Traid and seen the closed Registry Office, it sort of gave way just by Sainsbury's. Sigh ... I want to get properly better!

Anyway, we made it out to the Commercial near Herne Hill station for the pub quiz with our NCT crowd. They all seem well, with all the girls blooming as they reach their due dates. I felt a bit like I couldn't quite be a part of the preggie ladies conversation (having not been one for 8 days now), though so lovely to see them all and hopefully useful to answer their birth questions. And they were all v sweet about Penny, holding her and saying how good she is.

My hip went a bit AWOL in the way home though ... grrrr, must call the docs tomorrow!

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