Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Fully checked over

Saw both the Health Visitor and the Midwife today, and both are very pleased with Penny's progress. She has grown from 3.3kg on the 8th to 3.52kg today ... not half bad, though I am not very good at converting that back to 'old money'.

Also met with Sophie and Sonia from my NCT group at Brockwell Park Lido cafe. They are due a bit after the rest of us, so kind of funny to be there with Penny when they still have lovely big round tummies. Two others had their babies today though, Hermione and Betsy Ruby ... so many girls!

My hip almost behaved itself, but then flaked out when I was walking back from the Midwife. But I was patient, took it slowly, and tried not to let it get to me. And so spent the evening resting again, in the bath again and attending to my dear daughter's ever increasing appetite.

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