Thursday, 28 April 2011


It feels very normal to have a baby, a small person relying on me (well, us) to feed, change, dress and wind her. Maybe because we planned to have a baby, maybe because of all the preparation that happened through the pregnancy, maybe from feeling the incredible bond of having birthed said baby ... who knows! I hope it always feels this normal and natural.

So, spent the day relaxing with Penny, watching my new 'Sherlock' DVD and a documentary about Darwin as she slept on my chest.

Also sorted out my ever growing list of jobs, though with such a full diary not sure when they will get done ... sometimes I feel a bit like Penny's PA or entourage, rather than her mum!

Took a second go at expressing, managed to get 50ml out. Was actually nice to feel my breasts were emptier. Just need to do the next bit now, how to get the expressed milk into the baby :)

Next task ... baby haircut, to avoid an 80's style mullet ...

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