Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Her First Dress

My hip managed to cope very well on the 1.5 hour walk to pick up some baby bits and pieces this morning. And finally got round to setting up the pram which worked very well.

Decided also to experiment with putting Penny in a light cotton dress rather than a babygrow ... so cute!

Then to Brockwell Park to meet the new NCT babies ... they all looked so small, cute and delicate. Made Penny look robust and noticeably older than them. Good to see them all, and pleased everybody seems so positive and recovering well (though everybody seems to have one thing that is taking a bit longer, e.g. in my case, my hip)

Back home to make stuffed tomatoes dinner, and to have a lazy evening in with Fish and Norris (who was finishing off some art projects).

Oh, and for the record, yesterday's film quiz was VERY hard ... though at least we didn't come last!

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