Monday, 25 April 2011

The Youngest Planetarium Audience Member Ever?

Spent the day with Ruth and Wela who are down from Birmingham for a couple of days. Went to Greenwich, had a relaxing lunch in the sunshine in Greenwich Park, then went up to the observatory to enjoy TIME and to play with the exhibits, including a cool one which models how gravity makes moving bodies interact.

Ruth kindly got us tickets for the planetarium to see an excellent show about the night sky at the moment, and Penny was very well behaved. As I was simultaneously feeding her, there were a few dinosaur noises, but nothing obtrusive for the rest of the audience. The staff there felt that she was probably their youngest visitor yet to the Planetarium ... :)

Then back home with them for dinner with Norris, Liam and Kirsten ... tagliatelle with 2 sauces: broccoli and blue cheese for the veggies and chorizo, tomatoes and red wine for the meaties. And Andrew came round for drinks too, such a fun laid back evening spent talking baby nonsense, watching silly You Tube vids and eating. Kirsten kindly made a raspberry chocolate torte and we also had some of Ruth's delicious truffles with our post-prandial tea.

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