Friday, 8 April 2011

Out and About

We pushed it a little yesterday, going to Brockwell Park Lido and having a drink at the cafe, and I felt tired as a result and was suitably sent to bed by my husband. And in the evening, Penny met two more of her uncles ... Uncle Matthew, who was very doting and had come down to say hi from Chichester, and also Uncle David who eventually managed to get Skype working so he could say hello. Aunty Erika, Uncle Andrew and Ryan were also round so we ordered pizza and generally had a lovely time.

After a reasonable night, up in the morning to spend a little more time with Uncle Matthew. And then we had a visit from Aunt Jane, who seemed suitably delighted with our new arrival, despite her tiredness on her previous day's excursion to Bury St Edmunds.

Then, after dealing with 2 phone men and having a little nap, we visited the Midwife at 4, which went v well, and then to the beer garden at the Duke of Edinburgh. Ever the favourite of Brixtonites on a sunny day, was lovely to see Norris, Erika, Dan, Patrick, Nik, Christine, Becky, Andrew R, Mink, Dave, Andrew and Alex. Another fun social event to wet the baby's head!

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