Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Recovery Postponed

A more challenging day, as my speedy recovery seems to be be slowing down, mostly due to my dodgy hip ... and the docs can only see me next Weds at the earliest.

Had a chilled out day with Fish, his last before going back to work (though he will be taking the 3 days between the bank holidays off, so we will get another lovely big chunk of time together).

We sat in the Ritzy cafe with laptops, though I felt too grumpy to write and preferring to cuddle Penny instead.

A relaxing evening at home, had my first post-birth bath (which was lovely, now I can bend forwards properly as there is no tummy in the way) and we watched Breakfast at Tiffany's ... one of my favourite films. And Uncle Andrew popped round for a quick 'Penny fix', and even changed a nappy under supervision ... he has already come so far!!

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