Sunday, 24 April 2011


So good to get so much time with Charlie, hanging out with people and not feeling the pressures of time, work or even any particular tasks.

Spent yesterday afternoon and early evening drinking and eating our way through Charlie's £50 bar tab at the Trinity Arms, which he won with a picture he drew, with Andrew, Alex and Kirsten. Played a lot of Dixit, which I absolutely love! Then back home for pizza, and for Charlie and Andrew to investigate another one of Charlie's new games, Heroscape.

And today was not too different ... Charlie watching a film in bed while I caught up on my sleep from being up in the night. Caught up with some house jobs (washing, tidying), then round to Andrew's for an evening of food, Dixit and (unexpectedly) Catan which (even more unexpectedly) I won!

Penny good as gold throughout, she is so amenable!

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